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Tax returns

What is the difference between an income tax return and an employee assessment?

As a general rule, if you are an employee or a pensioner, you will pay a particular form of income tax known as Lohnsteuer. If you are self-employed, the income tax you pay is known as Einkommensteuer.

How does an employee assessment work?

In Austria, an employee assessment is undertaken by the tax office (Finanzamt). All information, tips on employee assessments and forms are available via the internet portal FinanzOnline. After registering at , you can complete your income tax assessment using the FinanzOnline forms. The relevant form for employee assessment is L1.

What information is given on Form L1?

Your employer will automatically deduct income tax and transfer it to the tax office. As part of your employee assessment, certain expenses may be claimed.

Deductible items for the purposes of an employee assessment may include the following:

  • Extraordinary personal expenses
  • Advertising costs
  • Exceptional charges
  • Tax-free child allowance
  • Sole-earner tax credit

Your income tax will then be recalculated for the year of assessment and you may receive a tax rebate. It is possible to submit your employee assessment annually and also dating back up to 5 years!

Do you need help with your tax assessment?

Detailed information can be obtained from our tax advisers or online at

How does a tax return work?

Income tax is collected through assessment. You yourself can submit your own tax return. To do this, as a self-employed person, you need to submit an income tax return to the tax office. Go to where you can register. After registering, you can prepare and submit your tax return online.

If you have provided our tax consultancy firm with your accounts or annual financial statements, our team can also prepare your tax return. We have all the necessary documentation ready at our offices, thereby saving you a great deal of work and valuable time.

Was wird in der Steuererklärung angegeben?

When preparing your tax return, it is best to use Form E1 provided for this purpose via the FinanzOnline portal. Here you will also find detailed guidance on how to complete the form. In addition to providing your personal details, details of income and expenses must also be given.

What documents and data are needed in order to submit a tax return?

  • Business income
  • Income from employment, rental or hire, leasing, sale of real estate
  • Advertising costs
  • Extraordinary expenses
  • Exceptional charges

If you'd like to know more about income tax returns, detailed information is provided at Of course, our experienced tax advisers will be pleased to help you with your tax return at any time. Just give us a call!

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